Karada 2020 CD Unsounds, Claudio Baroni, Ensemble MAZE, The body Imitates the Landscape.



2018 CD hat(nowART, Roland Dahinden, Talking with Charlie, an imaginary talk with Charlie Parker in five parts




2017 LP Unsounds, Anne LaBerge, RAW





2017 CD Unsounds, Yannis Kyriakides, Subvoice, Testudo for solo doublebass and Oneirokritikon with MAZE




2016 CD hat(now)ART, James Tenney, Works for Bass





2013 CD Unsounds, Alvin Lucier, (Amsterdam) Memory Space. Maze




evangelisti-e1548408219388.jpg  2013 CD Stradivarius, Evangelisti, Die Schachtel. Ensemb2le Algoritmo, Dir: Marco Angius.




cantiere 2012 CD Stradivarius, Sciarrino, Cantiere Del Poema. Ensemble Algoritmo, Dir: Marco Angius




sciarrino 2012 CD Stradivarius, Salvatore Sciarrino, Le Stagioni Artificiali Ensemble Algoritmo, dir: Marco Angius




yannis 2012 DVD Unsounds, Yannis Kyriakides, Dream of the bind Ensemble Mae, dir: Bas Wiegers





andriessen2011 DVD Attacca, Louis Andriessen, Anais Nin. Nieuw Amsterdam Peil, Cristina Zavalloni





cage 2010 CD Wergo, John Cage, Concert for Piano and Orchestra Fabrizio Ottiaviucci piano, dir: Stefano Scodanibbio