Bernhard Lang/Phil Jeck

Nov-2020 Update. Kairos will release DW22, DW25 and Monadologie XVI!!

This project explores different aspects of the production of the composer Bernhard Lang. It starts from a collaboration between the famous flute player Manuel Zurria, the pioneer of turntables Phil Jeck and myself. Phil and Manuel have worked together before on the famous Bernhard’s piece Tables are Turned. Although these 2 performers seem to belong to two completely different worlds, the compositions of Lang finds a strong point of contact among them. The esthetic of the loop, as well as the meaning in Gilles Deleuze philosophy of the concept of Difference and Repetition, are the common ground of a very specific way of treating the sound material both in the improvisations on vinyls by Phil Jeck and in the strictly notated virtuoso scores by Bernhard Lang. For this occasion, the performance includes 2 instrumental solos and one instrumental duo. During the second set Phil improvises on vinyls which contain prerecorded materials of the instrumental pieces that we have just performed.

Bernhard Lang: Monadologie XVI solo flute

Bernhard Lang : D/W 25 solo bass

Bernhard Lang: D/W 22 for bass flute and doublebass

Bernhrad Lang/Phil Jeck : improvisation

As a future evolution of the project there will be a new composition by Bernhard putting together the 3 of us performing at the same time on some semi-improvised score.