Interview and concert at Gaudeamus Festival

Here’s a video interview that Aad van Nieuwkerk from Vrije Geluiden (Radio4) made me for the concert I’ll be giving on the 11th of september 2015 at Gaudeamus Festival.

this is the link to the video:

A very interesting program made of new pieces by young and less young composers:

Gagi Petrovic: Give More (2015)

Peter Fahey: Harmonicity (2015) World Premiere

Tomoya Yokokawa: December Rush (2015)

Oliver Thurley: Yet another observation about the porousness of certain borders (2014)

Yannis Kyriakides: Testudo (2014)

Claudio Baroni: Ursae Minoris III Part (2015) World  Premiere

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