Dario Calderone




Dario Calderone studied doublebass with Massimo Giorgi, Franco Petracchi and has been one of the few pupils of Stefano Scodanibbio. He is advocating new music since almost 20 years, having performed hundreds of new compositions for solo, chamber music and ensemble in the major festivals of the world. His most interesting solo projects involve a rendering of the famous Voyage that never ends of Stefano Scodanibbio, a strict collaboration with Giorgio Netti on UR, 2 rites for solo doublebass, and a specific research in micro-amplification for the live realization of his own compositions for doublebass. He is member of MAZE, an ensemble for exploratory music based in Amsterdam, dealing with radical experimentations, medias, interactive scores and conceptual composition. He has recorded a number of CDs, but the one he likes most is the one where he put together all the music by James Tenney that one could play on a bass: James Tenney: Bass works, Hat Hut Records.


Dario Calderone was born in Rome in 1978 and lives in Amsterdam since 2008. He studied doublebass with Massimo Giorgi, Franco Petracchi and has been one of the few pupils of Stefano Scodanibbio. Dario Calderone is regularly invited as a soloist by the major new music festivals in Europe: Biennale di Venezia (IT), NYYD Festival (EST), November Music (NL), ECLAT (DE), Gaudeamus Festival (NL), Sound of Music (NL), Dag in de Brandig (NL), Composit Festival (IT), Katowiche auditorium with National Polish Radio Orchestra (PL), Incubate Festival (NL), Festival La via Lattea in Lugano (CH), Davos Festival (CH), Rassegna di nuova Musica Macerata (IT) Auditorium Parco della musica of Rome, Festival d’automne (FR) Wien Modern (AU) and many other. Many composers wrote new solos for doublebass for him: Peter Ablinger, Bernhard Lang, Peter Adriaansz, Oscar Bianchi, Silvia Borzelli, Carlo Ciceri, Yannis Kyriakides, Andrei Kwecinsky and many composers of the younger generation. In 2015 after a call for scores in collaboration with the Impuls Academy in Graz, he has premiered more than 15 pieces by students of the academy. His most recent solo projects are Ursae Minoris, an hour long composition of the Argentinian/Dutch composer Claudio Baroni with live electronics and video projections by Joost Rekveld , a rendering of the famous solo “Voyage that never ends” by Stefano Scodanibbio, and a hour long composition by the extremely refined italian composer Giorgio Netti. He is developping a new system to amplify the doublebass through a combination of different microphones and pick ups placed around the doublebass, and is working on a prototype of a removable support for mounting resonance strings.
In 2012 Dario Calderone founds MAzE (NL) together with Yannis Kiriakides (elec), Wiek Hijmans (e.guit), Reinier VanHoudt (piano/key), Gareth Davis (b.cl) Dario Calderone (db) and Anne LaBerge (fl). It focuses mainly on interactive scores, improvisation and concept scores, working in strict collaboration with composers such as Robert Ashley, Christian Marclay, Yannis Kyriakides, Anne la Berge, Annea Lockwood, Okkyung Lee, Barbara Ellison and Alvin Lucier. They have been performing at festivals such as Holland Festival, November Music, Amsterdam Bimhuis, Kontraklang Festival in Berlin, Angelica Festival in Bologna, Onassis Foundation in Athens. Since 2016 MAZE organizes his own festival in May at Splendor in Amsterdam, using it as a platform for further experimentations in working with technology and video scores.
Moreover Dario Calderone regularly collaborates with ensembles such as Nieuw ensemble (NL), Nieuw Amsterdam Peil (NL) and Klangforum Wien (AU), and is a former member of ensemble Algoritmo.
He regularly teaches in Graz at the Impuls academy and has been invited several time for masterclasses in Holland and Uzbekistan.
He has recorded a number of CDs for various labels: Unsounds, Stradivarius, Wergo etc…His solo CD on music by James Tenney has been internationally acclaimed by the critic.



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