26 November, Amsterdam, Splendor, MAZE Festival

8 November, Amsterdam, Auditory Reset Series, Recital, Luciano Berio Sequenza XIVb, and Voyage started.

5 November, Den Bosch, November Music Festival, Recital, Voyage that never ends and Simas by Alberto Posadas

22 October, Amsterdam, Orgelpark, Echonance Festival #1, Recital, Voyage that never ends

17 October, The concert of 24th of june solo+Maze, recorded and streamed by Conzertzender

8 October, Basel, Druckereihalle, with Trio Feedback, , music by Lopez-Lopez, Lazkano, Sanchez-Verdù, Helga Arias

1 October, Amsterdam, Open Studio Albertcuypstraat 241, Oysters of naturalisation with Domenico Mangano

27 September, Tilburg, Het Cenakel, De Link series, Same program of 25th September

25 September, Amsterdam, Muziekgebouw, NAPZAK, with Nieuw Amsterdams Peil, trio basso music from James Tenney, Wolfang Rihm, and a new piece from Nicoline Soeter, with Tom Sanderman as special guest

18 September, Bolzano, Monte San Vigilio, Transart Festival, Recital with music by Giorgio Netti, James Tenney, Salvatore Sciarrino, and with Livia Rado Beat Furrer and Silvia Borzelli

9 September, Amsterdam studio 150, Recording session of new chamber work by Claudio Baroni

4 September, Aardenburgh, with Domenico Mangano and Marieke van Rooi, Oysters of Naturalisation

27 June Amare, Den Haag, with NAP and Kristia Michaels, music by Yannis Kyriakides and Beat Furrer.

26 June, Splendor, Amsterdam, MAZE ensemble, Annea Lockwood and Claudio Baroni’s Ursae

24 June, Willelm II, Den Bosch, MAZE ensemble, Annea Lockwood and Claudio Baroni’s Ursae

18 June, Sueca contemporary Festival. Trio Feedback

1 June, Sala delle 8 colonne, Palazzo Sforzesco, Milano Musica. Recital: Voyage that never ends and Alberto Posadas

27 May, CCAM, Nancy. Stefano Scodanibbio: Voyage that never ends

21 May, Nieuwe Kerk, Den Haag, Festival dag in de brandig, with Nieuw European Ensemble

16 May Radio4 Conzertzender, de konzert van 19 April in Tilburg

13 May, Kunstkapelle Amsterdam, Stockhausen, Aus de sieben Dagen

1 May, Funkhaus, Köln, Festival 8 Brüchen. Ensemble Constantinoples, et je reverrais cette ville etrange

26 April, DOX, Prague. Stockhausen, Aus de sieben Dagen.

19 April, Het Cenakel, Tilburg, De Link Festival. Recital, Stefano Scodanibbio, Alberto Posadas.

30 March, CSM Rafael Orozco, Cordoba, XXIV festival de musica contemporanea. Trio Feedback

19-25 March Recording Sessions for new CD Isolario, by Dario Calderone

18 March, Maaspoort, Venlo. Symphonic Cinema

17 March, Muziekcentrum, Enschede. Symphonic Cinema

16 March, Amare, Den Haag. Symphonic Cinema

15 March, Concertzaal, Tilburg. Symphonic Cinema

10 March, Tivoli Vredenburg, Utrecht. Symphonic Cinema, with Nieuw European Ensemble

22 February, Musik Academie, Basel. Masterclass for doublebass players

21 February, Gare Du Nord, Dialogues, Basel. Giorgio Netti: UR, due riti per contrabbasso solo


11 December, Orgelpark, MAZE, Nieuw Composition by Hansko Visser

5 December, KonCom, Den Haag, Recording Session new piece by Yannis Kyriakides

27 November, Concertgebouw, Amsterdam, Zaterdag Matinèe, Ligeti, Le Gran Macabre, with RFO

6,7 November, Orgelpark, Amsterdam, new piece for quartet by Claudio Baroni

5 November, Deventer, With Gareth Davis and Roland Dahinden

23 October, Orgelpark, Amsterdam, new piece by Anne Laberge with MAZE

10 October, Amersfort, Aus de sieben Tagen project

4 october, Musikagileaks, San Sebastian, Trio Feedback, new work by Ramon Lazkano

23 September, Hilversum, Radio 4, MAZE, Live streaming music by Annea Lockwood.

18 September, Rewire Festival, Aus de sieben Tagen Project

17 September, Diepenheim, Aus die sieben Tagen project

26-31 August, Balkonscenes in NL with Gareth Davis, music by Dario Calderone and Roland Dahinden

20-25 August, Luzern KKL, Coach of the Luzern Festival Academy

8 July, Amsterdam, Amstelkerk, Italian Accordeon Academy, music, by Pauline Oliveros

25 June, Vienna, Musiekverein, Experimental studio des SWR Ensemble, music by Nono

20 June, Sueca (ES), Encuentros de musica contemporanea, Giorgio Netti, UR

15 June, Bologna, Angelica, Recital, Stefano Scodanibbio, Voyage that never ends

12 June, Malmö, Sound Spaces, Trio Feedback, music by Perini, Lopez-Lopez, Yamaguchi

10 June, Köln, Roanische Sommer, Trio Feedback, music by Yamaguchi, Scodanibbio, Verdù, Vassena

28 May, Deventer, with Gareth Davis and Roland Dahinden, Music by Roland Dahinden*

22 May, Segovia (ES), Journadas de musica contemporanea de Segovia, Trio Feedback, music by Lopez-Lopez, Vassena, Gomez, Yamaguchi, Arias

25 April, Utrecht Vredenburg, MAZE Ensemble, music by Kyriakides

March-April, Masterclass Nieuw Strings Attached at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam

19 February, Amsterdam, studio 150, Recording session, music by Frank Denyer

14 February, Amsterdam, Muziekgebouw, Upclose series, NAP ensemble, Music by Scodanibbio, Scelsi, Donatoni, Tenney, Haas


12 December, Den Haag, Dag in de Brandig, MAZE Ensemble, music by Yannis Kyriakides

14 November, Amsterdam Muziekgebouw, Oud Festival, SplendorOrkestra, music by Onno van Geel, Fairuz

3 October, Albi (FR), Riverrun Festival, Solo recital, music by Stefano Scodanibbio, Voyage that never ends

3 October, Albi (FR), Riverrun Festival, Ensemble MAZE, Music by Annea Lockwood and Robert Ashley

26 September, Freiburg Kristuskirche, Experimental Studio des SWR ensemble, music by Nono and Cacciatore*

19 September, Castillo, ENSEMS Festival,Trio Feedback, music by Lopez-Lopez, Sanchez-Verdù, Yamaguchi, Gomez, Valenzuela

18 September, Valencia Palau de las artes, ENSEMS festival, Trio Feedback, music by Lopez-Lopez, Sanchez-Verdù, Yamaguchi*, Gomez*, Valenzuela*

17 September, Pamplona, Festival NAK, Trio Feedback, music by  Berio, Lopez-Lopez, Sanchez Verdù, Yamaguchi, Gomez*

2 March Haarlem, Helmbreker, Recording Session and Recital, music by Claudio Baroni and Dario Calderone

26 February: Amsterdam, Italian Accordion Academy,  Impro Workshop

11 February: Rotterdam De Doelen, ASKO/Schonberg, Mauricio Kagel, Die Stücke der Windrose

1 February: Washington DC, Library of Congress, ASKO/Schonberg, Mauricio Kagel Die Stüke der Windrose

31 January: Washington DC, Library of Congress, ASKO/Schonberg, music by Ligeti, Kurtag, Vivier

16 January: Amsterdam, Muziekgebouw, ASKO/Schonberg, Peter Rundel, Touch the Cloud, New work By Voronov for ensemble

12 January: Amsterdam, Muziekgebouw, ASKO/Schonberg, Daniel Reuss, Words&Music

11 January: Amsterdam, Muziekgebouw, ASKO/Schonberg, Daniel Reuss, Words&Music


13 December; Arnhem, Artez, Improvisation Workshop

5 December: Amsterdam Muziekgebouw, DAv Series, Nieuw Ensemble Afscheid/Farewell Concert.

28 November: Amsterdam, Muziekgebouw, DAv Series, Nieuw Ensemble, music by John Adams

16 November: Den Haag, Living Room Series, Berio SequenzaXIVb

14 November: Amsterdam, Muziekgebouw, DAv Series, ASKO/Schonberg, New Wrorks by Adamek and Bulsink

12 November: Heerlem, Helmbreker, Recording Session

9 November: Den Bosch, November Music, ASKO/Schonberg, New Works by Adamek and Bulsink

3 November: Den Bosch, November Music, NAP plays Van Der AA, For the Time Being

24,25 October: Moscow Contemporary Music Festival, With Manuel Zurria+ Recital+ Masterclass at Moscow State Conservatory

6 October, Utrecht, Vredenburgh, Atlas Ensemble, Nomaden

5 October, Rotterdam, De Doelen, Atlas Ensemble, Nomaden

4 October, Venice Biennale, Atlas Ensemble, J-G Queiras, Nomaden by Joel Bons

28 Septemer, Venice, Teatro alle tese, Venice Biennale, New works by Filippo Perocco and Lucia Ronchetti, Ensemble l’arsenale

21 September, Freiburg, Experimental Studio, Chaia Cherowin, Experimanetal studio Ensemble

15 September: Amsterdam, Rozenstraat: Extended-bass Solo Presentation

7 September, Utrecht, Theater Kikker, Gaudeamus Festival, MAZE ensemble

16 June, Werdenberg (CH), Et je reverrais, with Constantinople

15 June Osnabruch, Morgenland Festival, Et je reverrais cette ville etrange, with Constantinople

26 May Amsterdam, Muziekgebouw, Anais Nin, Luis Andriessen, NAP ensemble

24 May Rotterdam, Stadschouwburg, Anais Nin, NAP Ensmeble

12-17 May Amsterdam, Splendor, Installation by Martijn Tellinga, DNK productions

9 May, Amsterdam, Muziekgebouw, Lost Connections, Nieuw Ensemble

6 May, Koln, Lost Connections, Nieuw Ensemble

6 April, Den Haag, Korzo Thetaer, Evening of Today, Nieuw Ensemble

5 April, oude kerk Amsterdam, Tenney, in a wide reverberant space

14 March, Amsterdam, Muziekgebouw, Evening of today, Nieuw Ensemble

9 March, Munchen, Musica Viva, Beat Furrer Kaledoscopic Memories with Uli Fussenegger

1 and 2 March, Amsterdam, Broedplaats Lelylaan, KARADA, project by Claudio Baroni and Adi Hollander, MAZE ensemble

10-22 February, Graz, Impuls Academy, doublebass tutor.

4 February, Rome, GNAM, new installation with Domenico Mangano and Marieke van Rooy


15 and 16 December, Recording Sessions with MAZE

4 December, London, City University, Bernhard Lang DW22 and DW25

16 November, Vienna, WienModern, Porgy and Bess, New solo by Bernhard Lang (DW25) and DW22 with Manuel Zuria and Phil Jeck

1-5 November, Recording sessions with Manuel Zurria

25 October, Firenze, Abazia di S.Miniato, with Livia Rado, Francesco Filidei, Matteo Cesari and Prometeo quartet, new piece by Salvatore Sciarrino for 1000years of the Abbey

15,18,21 October, Amsterdam, Arnhem and Antwerp, with Atlas Ensemble+ JG Queyras, Nomaden

5 October, Graz, Muzikprotokoll, with Klangforum Wien, new pieces by F. Cerha and M.Deutsch

30 September, Venezia, Biennale Musica, Giorgio Netti, prima esecuzione integrale di UR, 2 riti, con sistema di iperamplificazione e messa in spazio.

1-12 August, Buenos Aires, Teatro Colon, Beat Furrer opera and chamber music.

26 June, Amsterdam, Recording session with Roland Dahinden

24 June, Amsterdam, MAZE at Holland Festival with David Kanaga and videogames strategies.

14 June-30 September, Palermo, Manifesta, Installation of Domenico Mangano playing Aurale in loop.

9 June, Basel, Giorgio Netti, preview of I and II rito for solo doublebass

18,19,20 May: MAZE FESTIVAL in Splendor, with Alessandro Bosetti, Claudio Baroni, Marco Ciciliani,  Alexander Shubert etc…

1 May, Haarlem, Philarmonie, with NAP and Michel van der Aa, Spotlight

28 April, Groningen, Gran theater, with NAP and Michel van der Aa, Spotlight

25 April, Den Haag, Korzo, with NAP and Michel van der Aa, Spotlight

22 April, Eindhoven, Friz Philip Zaal, with NAP and Michel van der Aa, Spotlight

21 April, Enschede Wilminktheater, with NAP and Michel van der Aa, Spotlight

20 april, Nijmegen, De Vereniging, with NAP and Michel van der Aa, Spotlight

19 April, Amsterdam Muziekgebouw, with NAP and Michel van der Aa, Spotlight

18 April, Amstelveen, Stadsschouwburg, with NAP and Michel van der Aa, Spotlight

15 April, Tallinn, Estonian Music Days, Recital with a new work by Helena Tulve for solo doublebass, Netti, Borzelli, and a new work by myself.

17 March, Amsterdam, DNK, at De Appel, Tenney Glissade

17, February, Den Haag, Korzo, with Nieuw Ensemble EOT

15, February, Amsterdam Muziekgebouw, with Nieuw Ensemble EOT

22-26January, Amsterdam, Recording a new work and album of Roland Dahinden, with Gareth Davis, Pepe Garcia and Koen Kaptijn.

15 January, Wien Konzerthaus, with Klangforum Wien, E.M. Staud, C.Vivier, Y.Kyriakides.


20 December, DenHaag at Loos, with MAZE, Yannis Kyriakides portrait.

16 December, Eindhoven, MAZE+ Konrad Smolensky, black poster WP.

15 December, Recording James tenney with ensemble scordatura.

1-5-december residence at SWR

24 November, Karlsruhe ZMK, new work by Cristian Ireland with Experimentalstudio SWR ensemble.

28, 29 October, Milan Hangar Bicocca, Milano Musica festival, Luigi Nono, Guai ai Gelidi Mostri, Nu/thing imfdu prima assoluta, Andrè richard, Alvise Vidolin, nu/thing.

16 June : Neueberg an der Murz (AU) : Bruken Festival: Beat Furrer monography: Lotofagos, Ira-Arca.

2 June: Amsterdam: Bimhuis: MAZE + Okkyung Lee

1 June: Amsterdam: Splendor: MAZE FESTIVAL: MAZE

31 May: Graz (AU): Open Music Festival: Giorgio Netti: UR I rito

16-19 May: Alghero (IT): Labiritmo Associazione: Masterclass

22 April: Amsterdam: Orgelpark: with F.Filidei, G.Davis, P.Garcia, K Kaptijn: WP S.Borzelli, G.Bracci

13 April : Den Haag: Korzo Theater: Nieuw Ensemble: Evening of today

1 April: Den Bosch: Toonschur: Stefano Scodanibbio: Alisei e Voyage started

30 March: Amsterdam: Muziekgebouw: Nieuw Ensemble: Evening of today

4 March: Lochem: Observatorium: Claudio Baroni/Joost Rekveld/Dario Calderone: Ursae Minoris

3 March: Bovenkarspel: Sterrenwachten Orion: Claudio Baroni/Joost Rekveld/Dario Calderone: Ursae Minoris

9 February: Madrid (SP): Fundacion BBVA: Nexeduo Percussio: Marco Stroppa: Zwielicht

27 January: Rotterdam : Rotterdam Film Festival: Claudio Baroni/Joost Rekveld/Dario Calderone: Ursae Minoris

7 January: Berlin (DE): Kontraklang Festival: MAZE+Annea Lockwood, Justin Bennet


11 December: Amsterdam: Buiksluiterkerk: Zerafin+Spinvis

9 December: Amsterdam: Muziekgebouw: NAP: Louis Andriessen: Anais Nin

7 December: Arnhem: Nieuw Ensemble, Ed Spanjard: Carter, Donatoni

6 December: Antwerp (BE): Nieuw Ensemble, Ed Spanjard: Carter, Donatoni

1 December: Amsterdam: Muziekgebouw: Nieuw Ensemble, Ed Spanjard: Carter, Donatoni

17 November: Tilburg: Theater Tilburg: NAP+Diamantfabriek: CWMM

12 November: Den Bosch: November Music: Claudio Baroni/Joost Rekveld/ Dario Calderone: Ursae Minoris

5 November: Den Bosch: Atlas Ensemble+Jean Guillem Queiras: Joel Bons: Nomaden

30 October: Groningen: Sound of Music: Atlas Ensemble+Jean Guillelm Queyras: Joel Bons: Nomaden

29 October: Groningen: Sound of Music: Stefano Scodanibbio: Voyage Started

29 October: Groningen: Sound of Music: Claudio Baroni/Joost Rekveld/Dario Calderone: Ursae Minoris

28 October:  Amsterdam: Muziekgebouw: Amsterdam Cello Biennale: Atlas Ensemble+Jean-Guillelm Queyras: Joel Bons: Nomaden

22 October: Amsterdam: Orgelpark: MAZE plays Robert Ashley

21 October: Arnehem: Sdatschouwburg: NAP+Diamantfabriek: CWMM

15 October: Den Haag: Korzo: Festival Dag in de Brandig: Claudio Baroni/Joost Rekveld/Dario Calderone: Ursae Minoris

1 October: Haarlem: Copernicus Sterrenwachten: Claudio Baroni/Joost Rekveld/ Dario Calderone: Ursae Minoris

30 September: Amsterdam: Compagniethater: NAP+Diamantfabriek: CWMM

11 September: Den Bosch: Stedelijk Museum: Music by Claudio Baroni and Stefano Scodanibbio

8 September: Utrecht: Kuub: Gaudeamus Festival: WP Peter Adriaansz, Giovanni Desiato, Ruud Roelofson and S.Scodanibbio, S.Borzelli

30 August: Heerlen: Festival Cultura Nova: NAP+Diamantfabriek: CWMM

9 August: Amsterdam: Nieuwe Kerk: Zerafin+Spinvis

12 July: Rieti (IT) : Composit Festival: WP Davide Ianni, and S.Scodanibiio, S.Sciarrino, J.Tenney

22 May: Amsterdam: Splendor: MAZE Festival: MAZE+Peter Ablinger

21 May Amsterdam: Splendor: MAZE Festival: MAZE+Michael Pisaro

14 May: Nijmengen: LUX: Ensemble Zerafin+Spinvis

13 May: Amsterdam: Splendor:  Ensemble Zerafin+ Spinvis

13 April: Macerata (IT): Teatro Lauro Rossi: RNM: S.Scodanibbio: Voyage that never ends

10 April: Amsterdam: Splendor: NAPZAK: S.sCodanibbio: Voyage resumed

1 April: Groningen: Grandthater: Ensemble Zerafin+Spinvis

29 March: Tilburg: Het Cenakel: De Link: Ensemble Zerafin+Spinvis

12 March: Pinerolo (IT): Teatro in prossimità: Livia Rado/Dario Calderone: WP Stefano Pierini

23 February: Heiloo: Kulturhaus: Ensemble Zearafin+Spinvis

21 February: Amsterdam: Orgelpark: Ensemble Zerafin+Spinvis

18 February: Amsterdam: Muziekgebouw: Nieuw Ensemble: Evening of Today

16 February: Den Haag: Korzo: Nieuw Ensemble: Evening of today

9,10 February: Amsterdam: Theater bellevue: NAP+Beppue Blanchert+Elmer Schoneberger: Giacometti

6 February: Stuttgard (DE): Festival ECLAT: WP Giorgio Netti, UR primo rito per contrabbasso solo