Dario Calderone


Gaudeamus musikweek

Next september I will be giving a masterclass during the world renowned Gaudeamus festival. This masterclass will be meant for composers who wish to write for solo doublebass, or at least to know which are all the potentials of the instrument. There will be time to see existing scores, but also to experience the doublebass as a real thing, away from books; this will include learning  “extended” teckniques, and experimenting together. Please send your sketches before the 1st of August! Check this link to see more details about the schedule:


Moreover, the 11th of September I will be holding a solo recital at Kuub in Utrecht. I will be performing great pieces with electronics that have been written for me in the last year :

Yannis Kyriakides: Testudo

Claudio Baroni: Ursae Minoris

Peter Fahey: New Work

Gagi Petrovic: In Your Face

Tomoya Yokokawa: December rush

Oliver Thurley: Yet another example of the porousness of certain objects

Plus maybe a bis with a selected sketch from folk attending the course???? mmm let’s see…


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This entry was posted on 5 Jun 2015 by in projects.